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Lesson 3

Sooooooo..... today we are going to have some fun looking at fraction of number.  You can use Lego, pasta or if you're really lucky and have some skittles or haribo hidden in the house, maybe you could use that! I found a bag of skittle hidden, but sadly they are slightly out of date.... 26.07.19!!!!!!!!  oops.....


Task one:

You will need to have a piece of paper.  I want you to divide it into quarters.  Just like we do on our white boards.

count out 8 skittles or whatever you are using.  Place the skittles at the top, then taking one at a time put a skittle into each space until you have used all your 8 skittles.  Now discuss what you see.  Look at the pictures below to help you. 



Task one

Now have some fun with number.  Choose a two digit number and repeat the process.  Your two digit number must be a multiple of 2, so the ones number will be 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8.  Record your findings.  I know it's hard but DON'T EAT IT YET!!!!!wink

Task two:

Now lets investigate odd numbers.  Can we share these out equally as a fraction?  Can I make half of 7?  Lets have a go......



What's happened? Can you try finding a quarter of 7?

We can use money too to look at fractions. Have a go at the challenges below.

Remember to find 3/4 of a number we are looking at three sections of our whole.  See picture below.


To find 3/4 of 8p.  I put 2p into each quarter.  Then count up 3 of the quarters (as shaded).