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Lesson 2

In today's lesson we are going to use our known number facts to 10 and 20 in number stories.



How many pairs of numbers to make 10 can you write down in one minute?  You can duplicate some of your answers but you must include ALL number bonds to 10.  Now try the same with number bonds to 20.


Now using your number bond knowledge we are going to write some stories!  Yes stories!  Some would call them word problems too.  They are very short and you will be able to write a number sentence from them.


For example:    

Ten elephants were walking through the jungle looking for food.  Eight managed to find bananas but two are still hungry.

            10 - 8 = 2


            Eight elephants were taking a bath in a river, when two more elephants came to join them.

             8 + 2 = 10


Think about the language that has been used in the sentence to help you identify whether it is an addition or a subtraction.


Some example story problems

Once you've had a go at these try making some of your own up.  You can make the number as challenging as you want.  Write a story and then ask someone to answer it.  Then ask someone to tell you a story, can you write the answer down. If you have a friends email address send them a story to answer.  Don't forget to ask them to send you a story back to answer.





This is a great game to play when you are out for your daily walk.  There were seventeen bluebells swaying the breeze.  Suddenly a dog crashed through them and there were only four left!  How many did the dog destroy?


Take a look at the house numbers in your road.  Can you double them?  Can you add three of them together?

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