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Lesson 2

Today we are going to recap what a fraction is and how it looks as a shape.  Tomorrow we will move onto a fraction of number.


So as a starter, practise your times tables, with a partner if possible.  Start with 2s, then 5s, then try 3s!  Remember you say one number then your partner says the next multiple, so you are taking it in turns.  How far can you go? 


Now we are going to need some pieces of paper.  You are going to fold your piece of paper into halves.  Remember to fold carefully making sure you put corner to corner.  Then fold your piece of paper in half again.  What fraction of shape have you made?

fold your pieces of paper......

We need to understand how a fraction is written.  Remember a fraction means how many parts the shape has been divided into.

We call the top number the NUMERATOR  and the bottom number the DENOMINATOR!  

So the top number represents how many parts have been shaded of the whole shape.  See the pictures below.

Look at the picture below. There is a printable copy if you can print or just discuss what you see and practise writing the fraction.

There are some printable colouring activies below.  If you don't have a printer, find things around your house that you can draw around.  Then draw a line to halve it, then quarter it.  I've put some examples below.  Have some fun with it. What is the hardest shape you can find to draw around.  REMEMBER it needs to be an equal fraction though!

What's the hardest shape you can find to draw around?

Colouring fractions activity.

Benji's maths work.