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Lesson 2

So how much of your cake/flapjack or banana bread is left?


Starter:  Count forwards and backwards in jumps of 100.  Start easy with 100, 200, 300 etc.  Now start from a different number e.g. 12, 112, 212, 312 etc..... don't forget to go backwards too!


Today we are going to look at grams and kilograms.  We need to remember that there are 1000g (gram) to 1 kg (kilogram). 


Task one:

We're going to take a look through your kitchen cupboards!  Find as many objects in your kitchen cupboards that are marked up with grams or kilograms. There is a printable sheet where you can record your items or just jot them down on some paper.

First task is to order them lightest to heaviest.  Then using the graph can you create a bar graph to show how many items weighed 100g?  How many weighed 50g? etc.

Throw in another challenge:  What is the difference between the lightest and the heaviest?  Pick two items and work out the difference between them (REMEMBER "DIFFERENCE" means to take awayALWAYS put the largest number first!)


Task two: 

There a some printable sheets (if you are lucky enough to have a printer) to print off and practise reading the scales.

If you don't have a printer, but do have some scales then take objects and weigh them.  Record your findings.


Task three:

Follow another recipe!  Yes you could bake something different today! 


Task four:

Problem solving challenge. Remember to read the instructions not once, but twice!



Phoebe's super maths work this week.