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Lesson 1

Welcome back mathematicians.  I hope you enjoyed your baking week! 


To start our week we are going to recap doubling and halving of a number. 


Remember how we partitioned our number in tens and ones.


  Original number                 14

                                tens            ones

                                  10                4 

                             double           double

                                  20        +       8  =          28


Using the Mild Hot challenge sheet have a go at doubling the numbers.  Then take the spicy challenge and halve the numbers. 


Original number                14

                               tens             ones

                                10                 4

                             halve              halve

                                 5        +          2       =   7


Use can use Lego, pasta or draw out the problem to help you.   See picture below.


Doubling and halving challenge word problems. Once these are done, have a go at writing your own challenge and send it to a friend.