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Lesson 1

Morning mathematicians, this week it is all about weights and capacity.  We are going to use standard and non standard units to measure with.  Non standard means using something that isn't grams or kilograms.  So for instance you could have fun weighing things with lego pieces (making sure they are all the same size of course), pasta (you could try different sizes macaroni or bow pasta).  Or be creative what have you got in the house.  Remember to have some fun!!!!

Yes fun with Maths, it is possible! 


So lets get started.


Starter:  Lets get those brains warmed up with some times tables.  Set the extra challenge of counting backwards!  2, 4, 6, 8  then 8, 6, 4, 2 ! Play this with someone and they can shout "CHANGE" and you have to change direction of the count.


Task one: 

We're going to look at the language heaviest and lightest.  Take a selection of shoes from around the house.  Place one shoe in one hand, another shoe in the other hand.  Decide which is heaviest or lightest.  Then order the shoes from lightest to heaviest.  What else could you weigh like this around the house? 


Task two:


If you have some scales around the house you could pick six or more small objects.  Then weigh them and record your findings on the graph sheet below.



Task three: (and by far the best one I think)


Make a cake (Chocolate fudge cake wink), banana bread or follow the flap jack recipe below.  Look carefully at the scale and make sure you are weighing accurately!  Then......... EAT IT!  Told you, you'd enjoy today's lesson.

Don't forget to send pictures please.





Flap jack recipe

Why not take a Weights and Measure scavenger hunt around the house or garden.

James and his brother made delicious flapjacks!

Benji and Harry baking their cake!

Mia carefully weighing out her ingredients for her flapjacks.

Phoebe had lots of fun weighing and measuring this week!