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Today you are going to be teachers! We would like you to read some writing and check it, just like we do. We always ask you to check your work but this can be very tricky when you have written it because you know what you meant!


Have a look at this:

Can read this to your grown up? Can you spot any mistakes I have made in my writing? Remember to think about capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and spellings (tricky words or using our phonics).

You might notice I have forgotten a full stop at the end, missed a finger space, forgotten how to spell tricky word “the”, put a capital letter in the wrong place and used the wrong sound in the word ‘elephants.’

Remember that your teachers might mark these things in green to show you where you need to “grow your greens” and make a correction like this:


Is there anything good about my sentence? I did remember to start with a capital letter and I used a describing word. When your teachers see something we like, we bubble it in pink to show you we are “tickled pink” like this:

Independent task: If you are able to print, have a go at marking the sentences on the sheet (using pink and green pens or pencils if you have them). 

If you are working from the screen, either tell your grown up about the pinks or greens you spot in each sentence or ask them to copy them out for you to mark.


For an extra challenge, you could also write the corrections i.e. in the above example you would sound out “elephants” using the sounds you know and write the lowercase G.


Have fun being us! 😊