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Yesterday we described Elmer’s character. Today we are going to describe the setting of the story. This is the place where the story happens. Look at your book or the YouTube version again – where do you think he lives? The trees might suggest woods/forest? If you recall, the book tells us he lives in a jungle.

Can you write some describing words for a jungle? Think about what it looks like, what the weather might be like, what Elmer might be able to see, hear, smell, taste or feel.


Independent task: Can you write some sentences using your adjectives to describe Elmer’s jungle? You could underline or highlight your adjectives.


If you need some help, try thinking of describing words to fill in the gaps below:


“Elmer lives in a ______ jungle. He can see ______ trees and _______ zebras. He can feel the _____, ______ grass under his feet. He can hear birds singing _______ songs and taste the ________ berries. He can smell ________ flowers.


If you need a little more support, you could use the following pictures and write an adjective and noun for each one: