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Tell your grown up as much as you can remember of the Elmer story. You could use your pictures from yesterday to prompt you if you have them.

If you need a recap, read or listen to the story again.


Today we are going to be describing Elmer – saying what he is like. (You might remember we did this about Izzy Gizmo). We are going to try and say what he looks like (on the outside) and also describe his personality (what he is like on the inside). Look at the page to give you some ideas and suggest some adjectives for Elmer e.g. colourful, large, funny, polite etc



Independent task: Write your adjectives for Elmer (appearance and personality).

Extra challenge: pick some of your adjectives and write them in a sentence using the word “and” e.g. “Elmer has bright colourful wrinkly skin and he is funny.” You could underline your adjectives.