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For the next 2 weeks, we are going to be basing our work on the story of Elmer. You might have this book at home for your grown up to read to you, or you can listen to it here:


Monday 25th January:


As you read, or after you have read the story, try to answer these questions:

How are all the elephants in the herd the same/different?

How is Elmer same/different to the other elephants?

What is Elmer’s personality like? 

Is Elmer right, do the others laugh AT him?

How is Elmer feeling as he leaves the herd? What does Elmer want?

Do we learn any more about his personality as he passes the other animals?

What is he going to do? Why?

What could be wrong when he returns to the herd? Why does his home/herd feel different? 

How could we describe his personality when he plays his trick?

How does Elmer feel at the end? Why? What do you think he learnt?


Independent task: If you can access a printer, you can cut the pictures out and place them in the right order to retell the story. If you are unable/would prefer not to print, can you briefly retell the story to your grown-up/sibling/pet? You could use the pictures from the book to prompt you, or if you don’t have a copy, see how much you can remember.