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Welcome back Artists I hope you all had a nice relaxing half term. 

Our topic this term is all about Awesome Authors

We will be looking at the illustrations of three Awesome Authors:


1.  Oliver Jeffers - Who illustrates his own books.  We will be looking at his books first.


2.  Lauren Child - Lola and Charlie series

Child's illustrations contain different media including magazine cuttings, collage, material and photography as well as traditional watercolours. She is the illustrator of the Definitely Daisy series by Jenny Oldfield.


3. Julian Donaldson's illustrator Alex Schelffer. 

You all know her fabulous books, The Gruffalo, The Stick Man, Paper Dolls etc.

So your first challenge is to have a look at his books.  There are so many and we would have looked at Lost and Found (one of my favourites!) had we been in school.  This story is all about a little boy who finds a lost penguin on his door step and the adventures they have together.  Another one is How to catch a Star, Stuck, The Day the Crayons Quit to mention a few.  Enjoy his books.  Look at his illustrations.  What do you notice about them?  Are they in proportion?  What don't you like about them.


Then watch the videos below where Oliver Jeffers talks about his drawing style and how to paint a Moose.  He is painting his moose on a ready made background, but you don't have to if you don't want to. 

Benji's fantastic Moose!

James and his brother Michael's fantastic art!

Kiran and his Mummy both drew a Moose. Can you guess which one is Kiran's?

A Moose by Paddy. I love that you created a collage background before your drew your moose!

Jonty I love your penguin from Lost and Found.

Theo's wonderful moose.