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This week's art project is to create a sun catcher or collage out of plants. 

Activity 1:

For this activity you will need a paper plate and some sticky back plastic.  You could also use a plastic pocket and some pva glue (which should dry clear!) or a laminator pouch and laminator.


  1. First go for a walk outside and collect petals, small leaves, twigs.  Please try not to pick from someone’s garden!  Look for petals on the floor, cherry blossom is just finishing so there should be some blowing about.  Remember to NOT pick bluebells as they are a protected flower.
  2. Lay out your design on paper first to make sure you are happy.  Then lay it on the sticky back plastic, clear pocket (available at supermarkets) or if you are lucky enough to have a laminator at home inside a laminator pouch.
  3. Cut out the inside of your paper plate and place over your design and secure it with either glue or stick tape.
  4. Hang up in your window and watch the colours shine in the sunshine.


You could use clear plastic bottles to sticking the leaves and petal to the inside of them.  Investigate different ways in which you could create a sun catcher.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Activity 2:

Alternatively you could make a nature collage with your findings.  Use pva glue to stick together a picture as this will dry clear.

Some examples of a nature collage to help you get started.

Phoebe's fantastic plant picture

Jonty's wonderful collage.

Emily's super sun catcher.

Benji's fantastic nature collage.

Paddy made a collage of a famous painting by Rousseau and some nature sun prints.