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Build a Fairy or Ogre House!


Small world play is so enchanting even for year 2’s.  Choose a spot in your garden where you can imagine that fairies or a grizzly, old ogre might live.  Then collect natural items such as twigs, leaves, grass and petals to build your own mini fair/ogre house.  You could go all out and build mini pieces of furniture too by using string to fix together twigs and rocks.


If you have no garden you can still have a go at making a fairy house inside.  You could use different things around the house.  Be inventive.  You could make one in tray, adding soil and small plants if you wanted to.  You could even use lego or small world play toys in your design.

Some ideas to get you started!

Emilia has been busy making her own fairy garden. Looks wonderful.

Yann's ogre house