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In keeping with our artist Andy Goldsworthy this term why not try your hand at this weeks Art Challenge:


Bark and leaf rubbings.


A classic outdoor activity that provides hours of fun. The traditional way is to lay paper over a tree trunk/leaves and rub a crayon length ways across the surface to show the texture underneath.  It can lead to lovely conversations about symmetry or the types of plant.  But another way is to use tin foil instead, simply lay the foil over the trunk/leaf and gently use a finger to apply pressure, rubbing the foil to reveal the texture underneath. Option to paint the foil afterwards too!


  • Why not try using a candle to create a rubbing.  Then use watercolours to paint over it and see what effect you get.
  • Why not try creating other rubbings from different materials, for example bricks, carpets or different surfaces around the home.
  • Once you've gathered some rubbings together, why not try cutting them up to create a collage of your own. 


Don't forget to send in your photo's of what you have done.

Dylan's Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Art

Sam's Andy Goldsworthy Art

Jonty's beautiful Andy Goldsworthy work.

Sienna has been having a go at some rubbings.

Yann enjoying some of our Art activities.

Emilia's Andy Goldsworthy creation.

Emily's Andy Goldworthy Inspired Art

Benji has had a go at some rubbings.

Elouisa's fantastic art work

Molly's Andy Goldworthy inspired art

Paddy's Leaf rubbings