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So this week we are continuing with Charlie and Lola themed work.  This time taking our drawings we did last week and making a collage of them.  


  • Look in old magazines, brochures, different coloured paper and maybe if you have old fabric you could use this. 
  • Draw your outline just like you did last week, but this time cut up your resources and stick them inside the outline to create their clothes, just like Lauren Child does.  


Have some fun with it.  See what wild outfits you could make.  Could you also create a background scene from collage.  Turn your characters into puppets.  The world is your oyster so let those creative juices flow!  Make sure to send in your work as we would love to see them and put them up for everyone else to enjoy.

Examples to help you get started.

Jonty's wonderful collages

Kiran's amazing collage!