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Year 2

Day One: 

Today we looked at how we can grow vegetables from our leftovers.   The children took care to cut the tops off carrots, potatoes, raddish, red and spring onions, garlic and even some brussel sprouts.  The children made predictions as to which would grow first.  Which wouldn't grow at all.   

This is such a fun activity, why not try it at home.  Don't forget to share your pictures with us as we would love to see what you have done and how it turns out. 

Day Two:

Today coincided with International Women's DayWe had a lovely lady from Thames Valley Water come in and talk to the children about how Thames Valley Water cleans our water before it goes back out into environment. She told us about the many women working within Thames Valley Water now and how things have changed from days gone by.  She explained the water cycle to the children and how they are drinking water that the dinosaurs drank!  She showed us pictures of a fat berg and how cooking fats and wipes can block up our sewage system.  She reminded us that only the three P's are allowed down the toilet (pee, poo and paper!) !!!!  Everything else must be binned, including our cooking fats.  She modelled this to the children by putting various materials that are often sent down into the sewers into a bottle of water.  The children then shook the bottles vigorously for a count of ten.  The children were amazed to see only the toilet paper had disintegrated in the water. 


The children also learnt about an Astronaut called Mae Jamison.  She is an amazing scientist as well as being a doctor, teacher, inventor and astronaut.  She was the first black woman to go into space.  

Day Three:

Today the children created posters to remind us all how to save water!  

We also checked up on our vegetables and we could see that already some are sprouting.  The garlic and raddish are showing signs of growth.  Some carrots are just starting to sprout. 

Oak Vegetable Experiment. We can see some regrowth starting on the garlic, raddish and some spring onions.

Day Four: 


Today the children had a checked with their vegetables and were surprised to see how quickly some are starting to regrow.  However, some are still not showing any signs of regrowth. The best vegetables to regrow seems to be spring onions, garlic, celery and radishes. 

How are we different? 


Today the children drew around their feet and hands to find out if the tallest person in the class also has the biggest hands and feet.  We predicted that taller people would have bigger feet because they might have grown more and that when we looked around the class small people looked like they would have small feet! 

However, take a look at our pictures.  Are they the same height? 

Day Five: 


The human skeleton.  Today the children made their own skeleton. 

Are there 206 or 213 bones in an adult body?

There are typically around 270 bones in a baby's body, which fuse to 206 or 213 in an adult. The reason for the variability in the number of bones is because some humans may have a varying number of ribs, vertebrae and digits.