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Year 1


Day One:

Today we looked at a female scientist called Tu Youyou from China.  Having had tuberculosis at the age of 16, she decided to pursue a career in science.  She found a cure for Malaria and won a Nobel Prize for her work. The children wrote a fact file about her. 

Day Two: 

Today both Maple and Hazel class learnt about ‘ re growth’.  We discussed the benefits of trying to re grow our vegetables.  We have set up an experiment to see if our vegetables might start to regrow by the end of the week.  You never know we may have enough new vegetables by the end of the year!


We also had a visit from Thames Valley Water, as it was International Women's Day. She told us all about how they clean our water so that we can use it again.  She reminded us of the 3 P's, (Poo, Pee and Paper) are the only things allowed to be flushed down the toilet!  Anything else needs to be binned.