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Willow Club

This week the children transformed themsevles into Mona Lisa!

Our exciting theme is Artists! Have a look and see our creative copies of Andy Warhols work!

WILLOW CLUB IS BACK!!! Happy Easter to all our Willow friends and families! 



This week our colour theme is Red! We ate a variety of red foods and made some Christmas crafts!!

This weeks colour is Purple. We tried a variety of yummy purple foods! Beetroot, Cabbage, Blueberries, Grapes and Jam! Everybody tried something and enjoyed it...except from one! Try and guess which one that was from the photos! ;)

This weeks colour is Orange! (19/10/2020) We crafted our own pumpkins, made some yummy orange jelly with creepy crawlies and also drew some spooky ghosts! One night we had some beans for tea to go with our theme!

This weeks colour is Brown (5/10/2020)

This weeks colour is Yellow.