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Week 6

Where did that half term go? We are almost at the Easter holidays and looking forward to egg hunts and spotting signs of spring. As we wind up this half term, we look back on all the things we have learned from space based activities to delving deep into How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers and all the number bonds we now know to 10. 


We enjoyed meeting all our lovely parents at last week's Parent's Evening and just want to remind you that we are always here to help if you have any follow up questions. If you missed your meeting, please do let Mrs Smith or Miss Cockle know if you would like to rearrange. 


Literacy: This week we are looking at Space Poems. Some poems rhyme and some don't. We will be creating a spine poem about space.


Phonics: This week, we will review what we have learned over the term. You now have handouts with all the Tricky Words that we have practised. Please do consolidate them at home as this will make your child more fluent when reading as they are not stopping to try to decode a tricky word (which cannot be decoded). 


Maths: We will be exploring patterns in the environment. Patterns appear over clothing, wallpaper, in your home or outdoors in nature. When you are out walking - why don't you see if you can spot some patterns. You can even review 3D shapes by looking for them as you are out and about; postboxes, shapes of trees, fence posts, litterbins and so many more.