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Week 6

Week 6


Following on from the visit from the local dentist, we have been learning all about teeth this week. Over the week we explored what happens when eggs are left in coca cola - and if that is what happens to eggs, then can you imagine what happens to your teeth? We have had a great time practising cleaning laminated teeth using toothbrushes and shaving foam as toothpaste as well as lots of other things that you can see from the video below. 




Literacy: our book this week is Why Should I brush my teeth? We read the book and answered questions about it, later learning to label the mouth and then doing the same in our books using our sounding out phonic skills. 


Phonics: This week we have learned the sounds h, b, f, l. Have a look on our Tapestry app so that you can see Mrs Kirby demonstrating how to form these sounds and write the letters. 


Maths: We started to learn the days of the week as well as the words today, yesterday and tomorrow. Share a calendar with your little ones so that they know how they work. Yoiu may have a children's calendar at home where they can change the date daily. We also had a look at position words, a good way to practice this is playing Simon Says e.g. Simon says stand in front of the sofa or curl up under the table. 


Topic: We set up our eggs in coke experiment and watched as the eggs turned brown. You can also try this at home using a copper coin and coca cola and talk about what has happened to the coin. 

Check out what we have been up to this week!

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