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Week 5

Another week in space ... and so much more to explore and find out!


As we carry on learning about the rest of the planets and also this week is Chinese New Year so we shall find out how this wonderful festival is celebrated. Will you be celebrating too?


Literacy: Last week we made posters and fact files about The Sun, the centre of our Solar System and the first few planets: Mercury, Venus and Earth. This week we will look at Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Ice Giants - Uranus and Neptune. 


Topic: Chinese New Year - have a look on cbeebies - How we Celebrate for some videos and information.


Maths: Its all about measuring - heights, weights and length. We start by using uniform non-standard units to measure e.g. how many cubes does a pencil measure? You can explore measuring weight when you are baking or cooking together. You can explore the heights of your different toys and teddies. You can explore length by lining up different sized items and saying which is the longest or shortest.