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Week 5

Our week begins with Safer Internet Day (click on blue text to take you to the webpage) which is on Tuesday 6th February however we will be be delving into it on the Monday. We carry on with our Prestwood and Beyond topic comparing Prestwood and a different place. On Thursday the whole school take part in Mental Health day and remember it is mufti day. Our Nursery rhyme/song this week is A Sailor went to sea, sea, sea. Do click on the link (the title in blue) and it will take you to the version we are singing. 




Phonics: This week we take a look at longer words such as compound words e.g. sunset and words that have 2 syllables which can be clapped out. e.g. picnic

We have noticed that Tricky Words are proving to be very challenging and it is a good idea to practice these at home with your children. Being able to read these words quickly helps fluency and as they cannot be sounded out, it is important they are read by sight. 


English: It is our final week of reading Catch that Goat. We have innovated the story and created changes to make it our own and this week we will write our version of the story with a beginning, a middle and an end. 


Maths: We carry on looking at the numbers 6,7,8. This week we will also be learning how to spot odd and even numbers, spot doubles and make doubles as well as combine two groups to make a total and find different ways to look at a number (e.g. find how many different ways to make 6).