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Week 5

We wish it could be Christmas everyday... however we do have a few more weeks and the hustle and bustle has begun. This week we begin to learn all about Christmas and be prepared for an onslaught of festive fun. We have started learning our Christmas performance songs so if you hear the children practising, please do encourage them. 



English: Our book over the next few weeks will be The Christmas Story by Brian Wildsmith. You can see the cover in the picture. It is a beautiful story about the Nativity from a donkey's viewpoint. This week will see the children explore what Christmas is all about and the introduction of festive vocabulary. 


Phonics: We are moving along to words with 's' at the end. Sometimes the 's' sounds like sss and sometimes it sounds like a 'z'; e.g. chips and pins. We are also having a go at reading short sentences and spelling CVC words. We have noticed that some children are still finding blending tricky, so when you read together, please do encourage the children to blend carefully. Please do try and read with your child daily and have a go at practising tricky words as this is a vital skill. 


Maths: Over this week we will cover subitising 1-5 (identifying how many without counting), working out 1 more and 1 less and looking at the different ways to make the total 1-5. 



Please look at Info for Parents/Carers page for updates and notices.