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Week 5

Planets (part II)

We carry on with our intrepid exploration of the planets again this week with focus on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. It is all very exciting and we are recalling lots of scientific facts. The end of this week culminates in our Space Wow Day for which we are very excited. We are looking forward to visiting a Planetarium at the Junior School and seeing the actual solar system inside. We have our Rocket mice activity to explore forces as well as other fun space based activities in the afternoon ending in a space disco in our space outfits! Phew, its going to be a fun fueled week so fasten your seatbelts and press the button...five, four, three, two, one ... BLAST OFF!


Phonics: we are learning a new trigraph - air and an alternative spelling for ur - er as well as looking at double letter sounds.


Literacy: We will be adding space facts about the remaining planets - see above to our Space Planet Books.


Maths: We are learning about capacity and having some hands on experience using containers, water and sand. 


Topic: This week we look at what is takes to be an astronaut.



Our Space Wow Day

Expert of the week 

Our Expert this week was Erin who spoke about road safety and sang a song. The children loved it and she did a great job!