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Week 5

The Nativity Story

As the school is now decorated for the upcoming festivities, we are starting to learn about the story of the first Christmas. This week, we will be looking at a simple version of the Nativity, as well as how and why Christmas is celebrated, by many, as a holiday in the UK. 



Phonics: We are learning the digraphs sh th ng nk as well as the Tricky words - she he of push


Literacy: The Nativity story will be shared with the children and we will sequence the story using pictures as well as have a go at retelling the story using actions.


Maths: This week we explore the number 5 and look at ways to subitise and make 5. 


Topic: We are looking at the ways we celebrate Christmas and exploring some of the traditions that we follow at this special time of year. If you have any Christmas traditions that are special to your family, please do let us know with a photo or a post in Tapestry. 

Take a look at some of the week's activities.