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Week 4

Growing & Changing II


What a busy week we had last week and I think we can all agree, Sports Day was a huge success. The children (and adults) really enjoyed it and had so much fun. 


Phonics: We continue into phase 4 tackling longer words using the 'chunking' method to break the words into smaller sections. We will build our knowledge of words ending with the suffix -ing and -ed  as well as review tricky words including some, come, love, have and like. If you notice that your child is unable to read these, you could make a game of it and practice at home. We are also regularly writing words in phonics and sentences too.


Literacy: This week we will be looking at a book all about teeth and will be discussing how to look after our teeth and going to the dentist. Here is a useful website for looking after your teeth. 



Special days: Fairy Day and National Insect week.