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Week 4

Another week Boom!  This week the children have been learning about a real life superhero in the form of Police Officers.  They learnt about what a police officer does and answered a job description saying whether they would want to be a  police officer or not, giving an reason for their opinion. 

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting and using our hundred squares and bead strings.  

This week we have been practising for our performance NEXT FRIDAY!  

Abacus is up and running.  There are still quite a few tasks to be finished! Any problems logging in, just ask and we can re set passwords for you. 


On Tuesday we had a Science Day in which the whole school took part.  The children were mixed up across year groups and moved around the school doing a different activity in each class. 

Year 1 Certificates

Our week in pictures....