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Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 and our new topic is unveiled as All About Bears. We are very excited to learn about bears and we know we will begin next week with Goldilocks. Some of us already know the story.


As well as bears we also have lots of activities to choose from. Our EYFS garden has been a big hit this week in the warm September weather. We have been climbing and jumping and balancing all over the place.


Inside we have made junk models and painted bears, the iPads have been out for us to play games on and we use our imaginations in the small world area. 


We have started counting to 10 and listening carefully to play phonic games as well as Lola listening games to practise sitting and listening to get ready for learning. 




This week we have been introduced to our Bear Topic.

Practising our Moving and physical development skills.
Having a go at mark making with water.
Swishing around in the sand.
Its a bit tricky to balance!
Teamwork with Duplo building towers.
Setting up our new role play area...
Which story is this?
Its Goldilocks!
Painting bears.
This one is a....panda!
Helping Mrs Kaye to make our role play area.
Hamish paints a black bear.
Amelia is doing a polar bear.
Its looking good.
We are measuring out everyone's porrige.
Building junk modelling and using fine motor skills.
Another bear.
Painting the front door.
Nikol paints her brown bear.