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Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the second half of Autumn term. This week we will be exploring the celebratory realm of 'Birthdays' and why they are so special. We had some great ideas from Apple class children this morning for activities to do in learning on our own time. There were suggestions for making a pinata, creating birthday cards, thank you cards and invitations, making party food from playdough, cakes in the mud kitchen and party dances to music. Brilliant! Hopefully we will see lots of this this week. If you have any old party decorations, cards, envelopes, party cutlery and plates or other birthday party paraphernalia that you would like to donate to Reception for our home corner or resources - we will be happy to take it off your hands. We even had a birthday today, so it was the perfect start to the week.


In maths this week we are practising counting accurately using 1 to 1 correspondence (that simply means pointing to each item and counting). We still get a little mixed up and over count or under count. We are also learning to write numbers to 10 and match the number of items to a number card. You could practise this at home too. 


Hopefully you have all had a look at the Little Wandle site and are feeling confident to support the children with their phonics. We will have done s a t p i n d by the end of the week.