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Week 3

Growing & Changing II


As we move rapidly through this final half term, we marvel at all the things the children can do. From writing sentences to working out the date and so much more. You must be amazed too at how far they have come.  Last week we enjoyed the Multi-skills tournament and this week, fingers crossed, it is Sports Day at the end of the week. Please do ensure that the children are wearing their PE kits. It is a lot to remember as we are packing everything in and there is so much to keep on top of. 


Phonics: We continue into phase 4 tackling longer words using the 'chunking' method to break the words into smaller sections, look at words ending with the suffix -es and -s (sounds like -z) as well as review tricky words including full, pull, put and push. If you notice that your child is unable to read these, you could make a game of it and practice at home. We are also regularly writing words in phonics and sentences too.


Literacy: We have now learned 'Once there were Giants' by Martin Waddell. It is a beautiful story about growing up. This week in our Talk for Writing Literacy lessons we are innovating the story and having a go at writing small sections of it. Do ask the children to perform the story for you at home as this is also good for helping to recall the story and consolidates the story language. 




Maths: We are exploring spatial reasoning so we will be building models of scenes and talking about where objects are in relation to each other. This is the beginning of mapping. We will also take a look at position and perspectives. It helps the children gain knowledge of how things look from different viewpoints. You could take photos of your kitchen (or any room) and ask 'Where do you think I was standing when I took this photo?' 'What is below the sink?' 'What is above the cupboard?' 


Song of the week: Rock a bye baby

Also this week: Eat your veg day! (17.6), National Picnic day (18.6), National Writing day (19.6) Summer Solstice (20.6) and World Music day and Giraffe day (21.06).

Please remember it is School Sports Day on Friday 21st June