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Week 3

 The Frog Prince


This week we delve into the world of fairytales, kings, queens and magical creatures set a long, long time ago in weird and wonderful lands. We begin with The Princess and the Frog story but it has a different viewpoint with our protagonist having a very independent opinion!



Phonics: This week we look at word endings; s, es and longer words. We review the tricky words: put, pull, full, push, my, by, like, some, come, love and do. Please do read the reading practice books and sign the reading records as we look at these weekly. 


Literacy: We read the version above of The Frog Prince as retold by Susanna Davidson. This is a traditional tale collected and written by the Brothers Grimm. We will read and innovate the story and re-write the ending together as well as look at adjectives to describe the characters. You could try reading a different version of the story at home and writing it.


Maths: We take a look at money and look at identifying coins and put them in value order. Empty out your purse and wallet and explore the contents with your little ones. What could you buy with it if you go to the shops?


Topic: We explore the world of medieval entertainment; from jesters to jousting. What did they do in the far past to entertain themselves? Could you think of things to do if you had no technology?



Secret Reader


We missed a week as we had the multiskills PE tournament with some of our local schools. Who might be coming this week? 

It was Aurora's mummy - she read Dragon Stew which was a very silly book and it had lots of rhyming words. We really enjoyed it - thank you!


Take a look at some of the things we are doing this week.

Sports Day

Friday 23rd June is Sports Day and we look forward to seeing you at school to cheer on the children. The forecast is looking good so hopefully we shall have a wonderful day.