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Week 3

Summer 2 Week 3 

The Frog Prince


As we move into the middle of the final half term, we delve into those stories set a long, long time ago amidst kings, queens, princes and princesses, magic and mayhem. We begin with The Frog Prince, however not quite the traditional tale, it has a slightly different take with our protagonist firmly having a mind of her own. 



Phonics: We will look at long vowel sounds again in longer words.  There are no more Tricky Words to learn so we will be reviewing the ones we have already become familiar with. 


Literacy: This week we look at the fiction story of The Frog Prince; we will create a story map and then innovate the story by creating a new character. We will be describing this new character in our writing. 


Maths: We are looking at 2D shapes and 3D shapes this week. We will learn to name them and talk about some of their properties and characteristics. e.g. a triangle is a 2D shape with 3 sides and 3 corners. 


Topic: Answering our own questions about our Castles topic. At the start of this topic we asked some questions about the things we would like to know, e.g. what are castles made of and what kind of clothes did they wear? We are going to answer some of those questions using books or the Internet. 

Sports Day

This Friday we are holding our annual sports day and it will be great to have all the parents back in school watching the races. We have been practising in our PE lessons and have also had a walk to the Junior school to find out where we are sitting and rehearse our races. 


Watch this space for some photos of our wonderful sports day. 

We had a fun dance class outside.