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Week 3

The Moon

We are learning about space travel and going to the moon. Hopefully we will discover some fantastic moon facts and as the nights are still long and dark, you will be able to see the moon and how it changes over the next two weeks if you look out of your window in the evenings. 


Literacy: We will be learning to sound out words to write a list to go into space. What kind of things will we take with us. Use your Little Wandle sounding out skills to write the words into a list. We will also take a look at the Tim Peake lesson which can be found on You tube

We will also be looking at the Moon and exploring facts about it. Have a look at the storybots video about the moon.


Phonics:  This week we will be covering the sounds sh, th, ng and nk - Please have a look at the Little Wandle site in the Parent section for support. On Fridays we cover correct letter formation in handwriting for each of the sounds. 


Maths: Number bonds to ten will be our focus this week as the children take ten items and split them in different ways and explore the number sentences. Also covered this week are doubles to 5 and halving even numbers to 10. 



Have a look at the things we have been up to this week.