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Week 2

We have enjoyed listening to the children's recounts about their half term breaks. We are pleased that you are all feeling refreshed and ready to go. We are now looking at how the universe contains planets and stars. If you have any experiences such as a planetarium visit, please do send in photos via the office to share with the class. 


Phonics: we review the phase 3 phonemes 'er' and 'air', double letters and longer words. Tricky words: full, push, and, go, no, of


English: We will look at the story text map and listen to the story by Oliver Jeffers 'How to Catch a Star'. After listening to it, we will begin to imitate the story by learning it and putting actions to it using the map. Please do ask your children to tell you the story at home and this will help to reinforce the order and story language.    



Maths: We begin the week by looking at time - what can you do in 1 minute? Can children remember when they were babies and what happens over the years? We also look at sequences and ordering e.g. ordering a sequence of instructions on how to make toast using the words first, next, then, after and finally. You could try these activities at home to encourage understanding and use of vocabulary.