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Week 2

Our Local Area

After the accidental alien encounter from last week, we have now received a mysterious correspondence wishing to know the whereabouts of the lost items. So we have decided to create a map to assist the aliens in their search. We are going on a walk around the village and then making a map marking the local shops and some landmarks that my be helpful. 


Phonics: We are beginning phase 3 sounds - ai, ee, igh, oa .


Literacy: We will explore our local area, create a simple map, add landmarks and label them.


Maths: This week we will be comparing numbers to five.







Topic: A little technology introduction as we look at the NASA kids website; we will have a look at the games and demonstrate how to play them. These games will be available on the Reception computers to explore during child initiated learning. 


Expert of the week: We will choose someone from Cherry or Apple to start our new Expert of the week slot on Friday. 



Expert of the Week

This week Bethany talked about her sticker books. She was very confident and the class enjoyed finding out about her lovely hobby.