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Week 2

A new week has begun and it is a short week due to the Bank Holiday (Happy Eid to our friends and families who celebrate!). This week we are learning all about Lifecycles of minibeasts and the different stages of development from egg to adult. 


We will be looking at a range of non-fiction books available at school as well as Twinkl PowerPoints and posters to explore the lifecycles of butterflies, ladybirds and bees. 



We begin phase 4 phonics looking at CVCC words with short vowels.

Tricky words this week - the, I, go, no, of, you, said, so, have, like. (You might want to practise these at home so you can read them on sight).

We also practise sentence writing and word writing so having a go at attempting                    these by sounding out is also a good idea. 



Lifecycles of butterflies, ladybirds and bees. We will be writing our own captions and labels for the lifecycle of butterflies.



We start the week making number bonds to 10 using 10 frames. We then move on to explore doubles and halves. Towards the end of the week we focus on odd and even number.



We are also going to look at the lifecycle of a plant so we would like to grow sunflower seeds with ever child. Hopefully we will be able to send home a seedling/young plant in the half term holidays. 




From Fridays we are hoping to reinstate our library day so if would like to change the library book you have then please do bring it in. 


Have a look at the learning from this week.