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Week 2

                              Science Week 2022



It has arrived....British Science Week and this year the theme is Growth!

All this week, we will be carrying out lots of activities exploring the idea of growth and carrying out a few growing experiments. We are curious about the world and will be developing our science skills. 


We are going to try to re-grow veg as well as look at how germs can make mould grow. We will be exploring the ideas that our bodies grow but are all different. We will be wondering what a scientist actually is and that anyone can be one. We will be exercising our bodies to make out muscles grow and our health levels too plus lots more.


Phonics: We are now practising using our phonic skills to decode and read longer words. We use these in our reading practice sessions in the week. So keep practising at home too and remember to sign those reading records. 


Literacy: This week literacy will be centred around our Science lessons so we will be really working on our language and speaking skills: asking and answering questions as well as some writing of labels.


Maths: We will be exploring measuring as part of Science week as well as coins and money. 




We have sent home some WOW cards for parents and grown ups to fill in and send back to school for your little our little learners. There is a letter explaining how to use these and we look forward to receiving them so we can celebrate all the wonderful everyday achievements that are going on. 



If you would like to get involved why not think of something to do around growth at home and send us some photos or write about it or even share your experiments via video or send it in for us to look at. 

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Have a click on this link to the Science Week page to see what the Reception children have been learning and doing. 


Have a look at the pictures below to see what other things we have been up to. Daddy Bear sent us a letter and also some of his secret recipe porridge which we tasted and really enjoyed.