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Week 1

Growing & Changing II

Welcome back to Summer 2 and the next part of the Growing and Changing topic. In this half term, which is always very busy, we will look at the human lifecycle and learn how to make sure our teeth are healthy. We have lots of fun things coming up so keep an eye on the Reception and school webpages to stay updated. 


Phonics: We carry on with phase 4 phonics and explore reading words containing the long vowel sounds e.g. oa, ar, oi, ur, ai, ee, igh, ai, or. oo, ow. We will not learn any new tricky words and wil review the ones we have already learned. 


Literacy: We have a new book lined up for our T4W lessons. We begin with story invention and then move on to a curious visitor that we have had....Hmmm?


Maths: We start with a week in which we will consolidate our previous learning. We will have a look at counting to 10 then 20. Recall number bonds so we can do them automatically. (This is good to try out at home - can your child tell you the answers to number bonds to 5 then 10 working them out in their heads?). We will also review how to make doubles. 


Song of the Week: 10 little speckled frogs

Also this week: 3rd June World Bicycle Day, 3rd-9th June Child Safety Week, 5th - World Environment Day, 7th - Childhood Day

Some of our learning this week