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Week 1

Growing & Changing

Welcome back to Summer 1. We hope you had a great break and are ready to start our penultimate half term of reception!


Growing and Changing is a brand new topic for us this year and we hope that you will enjoy all the delights it has to offer. We will be exploring how seeds grow into plants and watching caterpillars change into butterflies. Our caterpillars are already eating away and the children will be able to watch their progress over the coming weeks. 


Phonics: We move onto phase 4 by looking at short vowel sounds in CVCC words and learning new Trick words said, so, have and like. 


Literacy: We start our new Talk for Writing with a curious set of seeds that we found on the school grounds! Wonder what they could be...?


Maths: We start our summer term by reviewing numbers to ten and then looking at the numbers to 20.


Song of the week - Ten little speckled frogs 

Also this week: We will look at Eid was celebrated over the spring holidays.