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Week 1

School is closed on Monday 19th February for INSET so we begin this week on the Tuesday. We are carrying on with the topic - Prestwood and Beyond and this half term is supporting how the children can understand that we live in a universe with planets as well as how places and people have changed over time. 


Our main T4W book that we are looking at this term will be: 


 We will also look at other books too such as Aliens Love Underpants and The Way Back Home. 


Phonics: we will look again at the phase GPCs: ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, oo (short), ow, oi, ear. The tricky words reviewed this week are: the, I, put, pull, full. 


English: We review how to invent some of our own stories and also look at the book above. 


Maths: We explore length, height and time over the following two weeks.