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Week 1





Verily, we begin our last half term with our historical topic of castles in which we explore the medieval worlde of kings and queens with a plethora of stories, merriment and antics. Do exploreth our topic grid to foresee what fantastical learning explorations we will endeavour to accomplish over the following weeks. 


Phonics: We carry on with Phase 4 of Little Wandle with no tricky words to learn this week as we review the ones we have already practised.


Literacy: In literacy this week, we look at castles and learn to write labels for the different features of a castle. 


Maths: This week we look at more repeating patterns and also review identifying 2D shapes and some of their characteristics. 


Topic: We explore photos of castles around the world and discover new topic vocabulary such as 'portcullis' and 'battlements'. 



Secret Reader

This week Apple class was honoured to have Luca's mum come in and read Ted's Shed by Phil Roxbee Cox. It was a rhyming book which we enjoyed. Luca's favourite book is actually The Gruffalo however mummy thought that she would bring a new book in for Luca and the class to enjoy. 

We have made a new castle role play area with help from some of the children.