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Wednesday Castle WOW Day

Castle WOW day activities:


1st activity - Make a castle inspired placemat for you to use for a medieval banquet.


2nd activity- Play 'What am I?'. In this game one person has to describe a castle feature or someone you might find in a castle (moat, jester, king, drawbridge) and everyone else has to guess what it is they are describing. If you like a bit of competition you can take points to see who is the king/queen at the end of the quiz


3rd activity - Have a medieval banquet and invite all your royal family members to attend. Dress up to mark this extravagant and noble occasion. Serve 'medieval' style food such as bread, fruit, cake, biscuits etc. 

Today's phonics lesson is shown below
Today we are learning about the 'or' phoneme. The jolly phonics action for 'or' is shown below.
Cool challenge - Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode or

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode OR

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Mild Challenge - have a look at the pictures below that have a 'or' sound in them. Have a go at trying to sound them out and writing them down.
Hot challenge - Write a sentence using one of the pictures shown above