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Minibeast PowerPoint - Riddles


Have a look at the Minibeasts - What am I? PowerPoint with your grown up. As each clue is revealed, can you work out which minibeast it it? Why do you think so? Were you correct?


After you have completed the riddles perhaps you can make some clues for someone else to work out and draw a picture of the answer. 


  • Why don't you try making a minibeasts using junk modelling? 
  • A good place to start is to look at photos or the videos from the Literacy page. You can go and hunt some in the garden if you are able to. Have a careful look.
  • Then find some junk modelling materials: at school can you remember what we use? Tape, glue, scissors, boxes and anything that we can find. 
  • Make your insect. Maybe your grown ups can take a photo of you with your finished creature. You can do a little video to say what you made and how you did it. You can use to play some imaginative games or tell a story you made up.