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This week in topic we are going to look once again at the North and South Pole and where the equator lies on the world map.


We will remind ourselves of hot countries and where they are located on the map.


Can you remember any animal that lives in a hot country and why they are best suited there and not somewhere cold?

Today we will look at where the cold countries on the map are located.

Are they near the equator?


We will look at an animal that lives in a cold country and think about how the animal has certain parts of its body designed to enable to live happily in the cold.


I know that a polar bear lives in Canada and it has a double layered coat to stop it getting cold in the Arctic winds. (Would having two coats on be a good idea in the desert?)


Your mission today is to point, draw or colour in on the world map where the equator is and to colour in the cold countries.

Can you think of an animal that lives in a cold country?

For an extra mission can you write down why that animal is best suited to live there.