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In topic today, we are going to be comparing how fire safety was in 1666, compared to now in 2021.


Firstly, have a go at playing the game in the link below. This will remind you all about the Great Fire of London.

We will be looking at Fireman Jim's account of the Great Fire of London to remind ourselves what it must have been like:


Sunday 2nd September


After a hot, dry day, I went to my bed. I rose to hear people shouting and screaming. Then Mary came and told me that there is a great fire and it is spreading fast. I put on my clothes and ran outside. Some other lads and I ran through the houses shouting for people to ´make your way to the river´. We couldn´t get too close as the flames were too big. It looked like the burning debris made a fiery sea. People were staying in their houses until the fire touched them. They were scared to lose their homes and belongings. It was difficult to move as there were too many people in the streets loading carts. We managed to get to the parish to get the buckets, helmets, axes, fire hooks and ladders. I put on my fireman´s hat and we made a human chain passing buckets of water from the river. The lads were getting tired as the horse and cart hadn´t arrived yet. Nothing was stopping the fire. Finally, a horse and cart arrived. We started squirting water but the tank soon emptied. The lads had begun pulling down houses with the fire hooks but the fire was overtaking them.


We would like you to have a go at making your own fire extinguishers and pretending that you are Fireman Jim. Pretend your in London and re enact what Fireman Jim would have been doing to help put out the fire. Remember, that Fireman Jim would not have had a fire extinguisher so you are very lucky!


We will also be comparing the equipment that we use now to put out fires with the equipment that they used in 1666.


Take a look at the booklet below for some examples of the equipment used and sort them in the Venn Diagrams in the booklet.

A fabulous homemade fire extinguisher.