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Summer 2

In Maths this term we have started a new unit which is ‘Statistics’.  We have had  a lot of fun in class creating our own graph using information about ‘how we get to school’ which we later converted into a tally chart for our Maths display. 

In English we have started our new non-chronological report text which is ‘Tree Giants’.  Not only have we been on an adventure in our forest ranger area searching for clues about our new text, but once we found the clues, this enabled us to draw story maps and step it out using actions.

Tree Giants

A Tree Giant is a rare type of giant that lives in gardens across England.

What it looks like

Tree Giants have long legs, tall bodies and a huge head. Most Tree Giants are about the size of a house. However, a few have been spotted that are much smaller and may easily be mistaken for bushes.

Where it lives

Tree Giants are very shy. Many sleep in forests or in small clumps of trees throughout the day to ensure that they are camouflaged. Some only come out at night time when there is no one around.

What is eats

Tree Giants mainly feed on leaves, bushes and small trees. The majority of them like to search for juicy beetles as well as spindly spiders.

What is likes to do

Tree Giants are well know known for their annual pilgrimage to the Island of the trees. This journey takes on average, five weeks, and people from all over the world gather to witness it.


The most amazing thing about Tree Giants is that if you meet one, it may grant you a magical wish.


  • Conjunctions to join ideas together – explore other conjunctions in SBW
  • Subheadings
  • Generalisers – explore other ones in SBW
  • Introduction and conclusion
  • Title
  • Information is chunked

In Science we are looking at 'plants'.  We have started this unit buy carrying out an experiment to see what a plant needs to thrive and grow.  We have all planted our own ‘beans’ and these can be seen on our classroom window catching the sun’s rays. We will be regularly checking in on our beans to track their progress updating our bean diaries.