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Summer 1

This week in maths we have started looking at units of measurement, specifically length and height.  We have used different measuring tools to measure objects in our classrooms using centimetres and rounding up to the nearest meter.  If you have any measuring tapes or other measuring equipment at home that you no longer use, they would be greatly received.

In English we have been looking at the text from ‘Where the wild things are’. We have imitated the story with actions and a picture map.  We’ve focused on speech found within the text and when we should use speech marks.   In addition to this, we have looked at synonyms for the word ‘said’ making our writing more exciting.

We have been learning about David Attenborough this term and the children are finding his extensive dedication to nature and the environment astounding.  In addition to this, in Science we have been looking at the environment further, thinking about recycling, climate change and renewable energy.