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Summer 1

Welcome back everyone.  How can it be the summer term already?  This half term our topic is Nature Detectives.


We kick started the term with some poetry in English, with the book Mad About Minibeastsby Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz.  First the children gathered some words to describe how their mini beasts' sound, how they move and what they looked like.  We added a bit of SPAG to the lesson adding suffixes to their work using "ing, ed, and ly".  They then built up their rhyming word bank.  Their next task was to create some calligrams.  Check out the pictures below for examples of their work.  Then finally they created short stanza's about a variety of mini beasts. 


In DT this week the children went on a mini-beast hunt around the school to see which animals they could find.  Linking this to our Science topic this term, they gathered information about their mini beasts. 


In Science this week the children set up their "Grown a Bean" experiment.  We are not using any soil for this.  We are growing our beans using a hydroponic system.  This is a way of growing things in water rather than soil.  Again check out the images below for their beans.  Sycamore are in the lead with a few just starting to germinate today.  Fingers crossed that some of Oak's will begin to germinate over the weekend. 


If you would like to try this at home you will need, a clear food bag, a piece of kitchen towel, a stapler, some cellotape and of course a bean!  Fold your kitchen towel into quarters and place inside the bag.  Staple through the bag and kitchen roll about an inch from the bottom of the bag.  Place a bean on top of the staples.  Pour some water into the bag, making sure the water is below the line of staples. We don't want to drown our bean!  Now cellotape the bag to a window so it is sealed and watch the magic happen!  Why not try using different seeds to see what happens!  


In Maths this week the children have been locating numbers along a number line.  This has proved quite challenging at times, but we kept going. We have also been adding and subtracting two digit numbers.  Abacus is back up and running so log on and have a go at "Bop a Bird!"  If you have problems logging on please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Well done to our trophy winners this week.  


The weather is beginning to warm up, but can we please ask that your child brings in a coat/mac for those unexpected showers that are bound to catch us up.  Also with the sun, brings hats!  Please make sure that your hat is NAMED!!!!!!!!!  

Our week in pictures....

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