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Shark Art


We made a shark collage. A collage means using more than one thing to make a picture, so you might use lots of little pieces of paper (the way some of you made your poppy) or using several materials such as paper, card, tissue, fabric in one picture.

You will need:

  • paper for your background (we used blue for the sea)
  • paper for your shark (we used grey patterned paper but you could use any plain colour or newspaper)
  • black paper (we used sugar paper) for the shark’s mouth
  • white paper for its teeth
  • googly eyes (you could draw or paint these instead, or stick on buttons)
  • we added some sea using strips of crepe or tissue paper. You could use any blue paper ripped into strips, or paint or colour the sea

1) Draw then cut out a large arch shape for your shark’s body. It reminded us of a castle door shape! Yours can be pointed or curved at the top.

2) Stick this onto your background paper.

3) Cut a circle or semi-circle from black paper to be its mouth. Depending on the shape and which way up you decide to stick it, this shape will give your shark a personality! Stick this down.

4) Cut triangles from the white paper for teeth. Sharks have lots of rows of teeth but you can stick to just one at the top and one at the bottom!

5) Stick/draw/paint its eyes on.

6) Use your strips of blue paper in overlapping layers or paint or colouring pens/pencils to add some waves in the sea if you wish.

7) Please send us a photo if you have a go!