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Today we are going to be carrying on with our learning about the human body. We are going to be thinking about the parts of our body that we cannot see.

Our body is made up of a skeleton, these bones give us our shape. Some parts of our body we can name and we can see ( toes, ears, nose). Some parts we can’t see. We have some very important organs that are inside the skeleton which cannot be seen. 

Heart: Our heart pumps our blood round our body. We need blood to get to all parts of our body. You can find your heart inside the top of your chest. 

Lungs: We need air to breathe and our lungs help us breathe in our air and our body uses what we need. Our lungs then help us get rid of what we don’t need ( by breathing out). Your lungs are protected by your rib cage.

Brain: Our brain takes control of everything we do, from running, writing, sleeping and breathing. It evens helps us learn. Our brain is so amazing but is actually very soft, so it is protected by our skull.

Intestines: The small intestine is a narrow coiled tube that is about 6 or 7 metres long. When food leaves the stomach it comes here so that nutrients can be absorbed back into the body. Water and food that cannot be digested pass into the large intestine and come out of your body as waste. 


Independent Task: Your mission today is to see if you can point to the right places in your body where you might find the following: 

  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Brain
  • Intestines
  • Can you also remember what each organ is for? Can you write a sentence to go with it?